Three ways God answer our prayer

You know, I’ve made the decision to wait. Not just wait until good destiny come and pick me up, but wait until I have try to pursue my dream. If I failed, then I would take whatever comes upon my eyes, because that’s life, we couldn’t get everything we want. Niatnya sih pengen terus ngotot, as I used to be, because “giving up” is not my style, but I guess now we are really in real life. Banyak orang bilang, ketika lo lulus, barulah saat itu lo masuk ke dunia nyata. As if school life was just a wonderland, padahal we also see many obstacles there. then, could you imagine how many is out there in real-life? Countless. So, I don’t want my ego ruined everything.


It’s because the paragraph I seen in my cousin’s room, a paragraph that shaking my heart:


There’s three ways God answer your prayer:


First, He say yes and gives you what you want

Second, He say no and gives you better

Third, He say wait and gives you the best


Yes, indeed it was the answer of all my doubtness these past times. You could never imagine, how confuse I am. I was stuck in two difficult situation! Oh GOSH, pernah denger kan pepatah, “hidup itu seperti roda, kadang kita diatas, dan kadang di bawah”? and know I am at the bottom of my life cycle. I feel humiliated, pathetic, and suffer. When I thought my struggle was over, indeed it just going to be start. And now, after a several hard moment this past one month, I realized why God ask me to wait. Wait until the perfect timing.


Timing is everything! Nggak percaya? contohnya aja nih, cowok-cowok yang nembak cewek di saat yang salah, pasti bakalan ditolak (kecuali kalo cowoknya kayak F4, khi-khi-khi.. kidding, man!). Sebaliknya, walaupun tadinya ceweknya nggak suka, tapi kalo tuh cowok nembak di saat yang tepat, pasti bakalan berakhir dengan manis.

And do you know what I feel right now? It was between bitter and sweet. At one side, I’m not a typical “patient girl”, because I always work everything efficiently, in short time. But, at the other side, I realized that God give me some time to change. Why? Because I got so many of bad attitude I have to change.

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