positif, semangat, gembira!!!

Title diatas adalah taglinenya coca-cola, minuman soda rasa kola yang sudah jadi komoditas di negeri ini. Lucunya, tagline tersebut baru bisa masuk ke dalam mind share gue ketika gue melihat sebuah bus kota yang kumuh terlihat begitu indah dihiasi dengan banner coca-cola bertuliskan tagline tadi. Gue baru sadar, semangat itulah yang harus kita miliki untuk jadi sukses.

Dulu, I used to think that people in the bus was pathetic people. Nope, not because they don’t own a vehicle, but because their face always seen unhappy. Bete, keringetan, desak-desakan, marah-marah.. it was very typical people in the bus. But.. as I struggling at the hot city, Jakarta, for this past one month, I have realized that I’m wrong.

Infact, now I thought they were a though survivor! They could wake up early in the morning, run to chase the bus whose gone far (because they could be late at the office), and going home still chasing the bus. I used to thought that they don’t have a dream to pursue anymore, but now I realize that they are in process. You think, why are they struggling that hard? Because they know, someday the bright day would come, someday they could afford their own mercedes, or they might be planning to move other country. I don’t know, each person has their own typically dream. Nobody has the right to laughing or even joking about someone’s dream. I think, a dream is something that make we live, besides breathing.

I know someone who’s ain’t got a dream. She seems suffer and she is ready to die whenever. She always ask, “what is life?” but she never really trying to find the answer. I’m sure we all have been in doubtness, asking the same question like she do. But the different is, half people who’s struggling to find the answer could oppositely, gratitude their life.  And the other half, drown in deep desperateness, asking God to stab a knife upon their heart. Why don’t we stop asking why we was born, and start to do something worth, at least for ourselves?


dsc00194.jpg just cheer up!!!


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