unconditional happiness

umh, unconditional happiness means we could be happy without money, that branded clothing line, and a coffee store named starbucks 🙂

in a metro city, where money could buy (almost) everything, is there something left named ‘unconditional happiness’? where you could choose a simple man and not a super-rich guy with his gross style?

umh, well.. i’m not contamined yet, or just not yet? hopefully in the future I still could be happy with a litle chit-chat with my friend or a nice sleep..

something called faith

yes, faith is something that give the spirit for you to stand up after a deep fall.. and now, the faith is still in my heart eventhough it’s been a month since i being in denial.. to argue the power of God, to left the church in something called ‘lazy’..

But i know the measurement of ‘faith’ isn’t all about something physical, something could be seen by mortal’s eyes.. but it was my connection with God, something in my prayer when i feel that I could talk with Him privately and tell Him all my sorrow..

eventhough all my perfect plan was blurred, and i’m still clueless about my towards future.. but i know when i made the hardest decision of all, i would never regret it, because God is always provide me with the best things i would never know..

So, in the desperation of being survive or left.. only God could handle it..

be cheerful, ah!! let that gross man and that cute perfectionist man left behind.. no need to worry about something in history.. and no need to be sad.. 2 more weeks, I will go abroad and make some fun!! hehehehe… bless me..