Traveler’s KICK OUT

There’s 3 kinds of novel I enjoyed:

1. A popular novel i.e. Harry Potter or Da vinci Code, which made me curious to read it (actually for this kind of novel, I used to jump to the end of page).

2. A novel consist of several short-stories, i.e. Chicken Soup or Marketing in Venus.

3. And the last… travelling books.

I don’t know, why nowadays I was so crazy about travelling. It’s just going to Hong Kong had changing my life in absurd way (means, I don’t know either how it happened). Or maybe, I just feel desperately bored about my life, and can’t wait for two more years to make my dream be real. Umhhh, actually when I started to work, I’m not sure that I could survive two or more years until I got my post-graduate scholarships. I’m sort of person whose….. very easy to feel bored. When I got no friends, no challenge, and no fun in the place I belong, I guess I just can’t find any reason to stay.

Well, that’s my condition. When my parents ask me to stay, I thought it deeply, that I may not got a second chance, and I was really struggling to finally got in this process. I’m still young, 22 years old, without beloved boyfriend who asked me to stay, and moreover not married yet. So, I think this is my chance to make my own adventure and ‘taste the world’. I just feel it isn’t my time yet for me to be settled. I agreed to leave the comfort and this “relatively quite much salary”, for being trade to experiences and opportunities.

Now, Upon my eyes there’s 2 possibilities: That I may not enjoy my traineeship (wherever it was), in addition not enjoying the environment, the community, or the job itself, and I will be crying outloud asking anybody please take me home. Or, I will be greatly satisfied with my “risk-taker-action”, love the places, the friends, the tasks, and it was all worth-it. Well, I can’t be sure about that now, because only God Almighty who knows my towards future.

But, what I know now is that I can’t hide from fearness of un-predicted future. I can’t just stay in my comfort-zone because I’m too afraid to take the chances. If I was, I will be deadly bored and even money can’t buy my happiness. There’s a feeling that I want to go away and ‘find another life out-there’, because I’m too desperate seeing my life. But, what I’m supposed to be desperate of? I got great friends, great transformation, and in process to hike my career (eventhough I feel like a trash bin). Uh, well, I guess I can’t just lie to myself and said everything was OK, like what I’d just said before. Beyond that “great things”, actually deep inside I feel empty. I could never be satisfied if I couldn’t make the benchmark. I can’t said I’m settled, if I never feel un-settled. Fresh blood, young age. Just go wherever you will go, and never let anyone hold you…

Okay, back to the book. I’ve just read the Naked Traveler and Traveler’s tale. Now I know the different between traveller and tourist. A tourist is someone whose likely went abroad to buy things, while a traveller went to buy experiences. And it said, “FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD”. Now I know why top management in my office consist of BOLD people, hahahaha… (even sometimes annoying).

But, can I be bold? I may be bold at taking risk, but I can’t be bold enough to speak my opinion in board meeting!! That’s why if I could, I want to spend my life going college and giving lectures. I think, just in that part of life I’m not hurting anyone just for a bunch of money or office politics, but in opposite I was sharing my knowledge to make world as a better place 😀

Well, I wish I could..

Could I be bold and kick-out that “material” things outside my thought? In fact, seeing the numbers in my account was my guilty pleasure once a month :p

Well, when I have a husband who could work-out how I’m going to live as a lecturer, plus giving a good education for our child, I think I could. Eventhough I don’t want to join the group of “women who’s their lifedream ever was just to have a rich-husband”.

Arrrrghhhhhhhh.. my head keep spinning and spinning.. It’s like you were walking to a hole that you’ve been avoid of! Just don’t think too much and too far.. Let God plan your fate!!!


Amen (mean: I believe).


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