rules i learned!

Hmm, i just having quite jerk days. I feel very disturbed with the act and way of thinking of finance division in my office, as if we were enemy. I don’t like the way they make eveything complicated, uncooperated, snob, pushy, and threatening me as if they were the most powerful. yeah, I know they’re managing the money flow, in which money whose pay our salary. but, where the money came if it’s not from the sales?
if you want to talk about which one is more important, we were person who made the selling happened!
but, hey, I don’t give a damn care about which one is more important, because it’s not my company and not my profit either. honestly, i don’t want to make an enemy, ngapain bikin dosa cuma gara2 kerjaan? it’s not worthed at all.
okay, now i’m understand the rule. in office, there’s always conflict happening. but, the thing is: you have to pretend that nothing was happened. don’t tell your colleague in office (anyone, i mean it! because they’re just will laughing at you and make you looks fool!). if you hate anyone, never show it on your face. always smilling and polite, as if you’re the pretty angel. afterwards, you could spill out the madness to anyone at home or even your bestfriend. that’s the rule. never shows your anger in the office, because nobody cares.


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