believe means faith

as I go mature and has passed several good byes in my life, i started to realized that few moments before an end was very valuable.
I just passed two days watching movie in cinema with people in my department. why? because 2 of our bosses have resigned and their last day would be on last july and last august.
so, the last moments with them were irreplaceable. no matter how a bunch of work leaving on my desk, but I always have time for a little good bye. esp in my office, when I learned how to accept people come and gone in your life in months. and what you can do is just: accept it.
sure, i wanna leave like what everybody does, but I don’t wanna leave without something better in my hand. and before God led me to that gate of dream, i’ll just wait and enjoy.
I will be having 2 new bosses: 1 was quite frightening actually, i feel like her claws gonna scratch my face *ouch!*. but, i kinda count on the other one. she was born in Hongkong and grown-up in Australia. so, she’s totally foreigners, with british accent. hm, i like her face and her looks. very charming, with perfect face-bone, and high self-confidence.
i wanna be like her someday! but, not if i were married, hehehe. of course i will choose my family over my work. money can’t buy everything, huh?

hayaaahhh… so sick and tired of all of this uncertainty, actually…
but, i’m just a piece of sand in the beach… all i can do is just hoping, trying, and keep my faith that one of my tries would be treasured…


2 thoughts on “believe means faith

  1. “…of course i will choose my family over my work. money can’t buy everything, huh?”
    setujuuuuuuuu…. hehehhe emang serem banget ya dy??? yah klo serem nya positif sih gpp. asal jgn serem trus nyebelin pula.

    btw oping ada award buat dirimu. ambil di blog oping yaa. thx ^__^

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