an expensive comforts

kebahagiaan itu absurd.
aku sedang tidak sedih, tapi aku sedang berpikir.
ada orang yang tampak bahagia dan punya segalanya, tapi ternyata tidak seperti itu di dalamnya.

aku baru saja melihat kenyataan itu.
yang membuatku ternganga dan tak percaya.
but you have to believe it, because it’s real.

she’s pretty, she’s nice, and she looks to have it all.
but i just knew that deep inside, she doesn’t have something.. and she kept searching it.
the bitter fact, i knew it from someone which she gave her heart to….
infact being pretty doesn’t guaranteed your happiness?

you really don’t know what will you got and what will happened in your age of life.
so you have to keep believe and enjoying it.
believe that bad things will turn to good…. and believe that God loves you more than anything.
it was very comfortable knowing that fact in this fake world.
world of image.

a world where you feel incomplete without branded wardrobes.
and an ipod touch could make you a-man-to-die-for.
also a glass of starbucks to congratulate you as a truly socialita.
or a guy who looks sweet and innocent, indeed has three girlfriends.
or a bunch of money who tempted you.


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