I don’t believe at racism

I never really succeed to answer this question:

“what are you?”

I am Stephanie. I am human. I am me.

That’s my answer. But, no one satisfied with those answers.

why do we have to ask, what are you? where do you come from? what is you race? this is not a Harry Potter world, where muggles is different with witches. we are all equal and things who differ us is only our attitude.

our choices to respect others. to treat people like people. to fly high and finding our own happiness.

again, never ask me that kind of question. Yeah, we all said that we never do racism, but actually we do those kind of things.. when you gathered with your race, your colony, and you saw someone different. you’ll treat him/ her differently. Tapi sampai kapanpun, rasisme akan selalu ada sepanjang sejarah hidup manusia. karena pada dasarnya manusia lebih menyukai persamaan ketimbang perbedaan.

sekian opini dari gua.


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