life adjustment :)

yap, glad to finally decide my new direction

1. after some research, with some help of my lappy, late-sleep, and xl internet connection (with only 115.2 kbps), I decide to postpone my application to post-grad and waiting for one more year working experiences. to get more qualities and to avoid any regret ;p

2. inline with above decision, so I will focus on my current job, abroad internship, and also local vacancies. my objective is to gather all precious experiences and great work achievements to add value in my resume –> to achieve 1st objective 🙂

3. keep the life balance, between family, friends, career, myself, and GOD. also finding the best way for me to communicate with the ONE, in which we could share stories so HE could grant me the courage to face the world and patience to be a wiser person. this late month, my method does not working though, so I should find another way to talk with God almighty…


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