bedtime stories

adam sandler, shocked when seeing the bubble gum rain

adam sandler, shocked when seeing the bubble gum rain

yesss!!! I just looooovvvee bedtime stories movie!!

I watched it with my old and long friends, ellen and yoan at the famous leading mall at bogorrrrr ;p

at first, honestly , I don’t have any idea about that movie.. i’d prefer madagascar… but, yoan refused because she hate cartoons…. I even thought the cast was jim carrey… Gosh, i’m so lame!

of course I was shocked when seeing no jim carrey, in fact it’s adam sandler! but, i heart this movie in just 10 minutes watched! adam sandler was just brilliant!

he’s a born comedian…

great special effects, check.
famous cast, check.
big eye cute-horror bugsy guinea pig who can jump over adam’s head, check.
two adorable and naughty kids, check.
everything was just fabulous! it’s the most worth 15 thousands i’ve ever spent, hehehe.. such a lebai…

anyway, the story is about a man who’s trying to grab back his father’s hotel company. but, in fact, he’s just an electrician and always being under-demisiated ;p

but, a bedtime story changes his life.. hihihihi, u should watch!

from 1-10 scale, i’ll give 9 rate for it!
one thing I hate is just the ending who’s just too happy ending, hihihihi.. still, this is a children’s movie, so dealt with it!! ;p


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