money vs metamorphosis

I guess the word metamorphosis doesn’t exist in the dictionary, uh don’t care lah, hihihi…

anyway, I have one question:
‘can you live without money?’

by the mean money, it’s about huge money, more than u need to spend for primary needs. this is jakarta, where money can buy almost everything. so, this is the right place for me to ask that question.

I can live without bunch of money. i ‘ve survived in poorness, so I can do it now and then. of course I like money, for shopping, traveling, hanging-out with some friends, eat sushi… but, money doesn’t make me sold my idealism.

once said, he can’t live without money and luxuriness. all of his consideration is always based on money, even though i’m sure he’s spending those for something un-essential!!!!

gee, you put everything on risk just for something un-essential.

well, we do need money, but will we sell our dream and life principle for money?

2 of my cousins just got their first job. it’s very ackward for me when one of them who’s graduated from communication degree, work as a secretary. and the other one is working in a local bank in bandung, while she’s hoping to be able to work in jakarta. when I ask them why, yaps, you can guess the answer is: money.

gee.. you can still eat, you won’t be starving, because our parents here. we just need some lag time for us to find our dream job. even though eventually we couldn’t grab it, but at least we’ve tried, yeah????

well, i’m just hoping that we, as human, can un-tie the un-seen knot between us and money. day by day, the bond getting stronger and stronger, until we’ll reach the point when money can’t buy happiness. we’ve tried to buy it, but no one sell happiness. money is only a tool, and not everything.

such as, money is a tool to make some metamorphosis, hehehe.. I realized that it’s the world of image, when you can’t expect a guy falling in love with you if you had awful appearance. that is something ironic either, but it’s fact. money is a tool to slum your body, to make yourself prettier, to deminish the pimples. well, still… the final result is in your hand, not in those ply of george washington picture =)


6 thoughts on “money vs metamorphosis

  1. hahaha..
    itu juga udah sering gw denger, ka….
    tapi, what i want to say here, is a large amount of money….
    i think we just need it for shopping and other un-essential things that arise from prideness :p

  2. tapi yah steph, large amount of money itu kan sangat2 relatif…
    buat elo, 10rebo kan cukup buat lunch, tp for some other, 50rebo ajah gak cukup..
    padahal sama2 buat basic needs which is makan…

  3. ga ke-gap, steph…

    dia yang suka nyuruh gw ngisi blog kalo jumat sore…trus suka ikut2an blogwalking…trus kalo gw usir ga mau…

    kalo belom ada entry baru di blog gw dia pasti protes, tapi ga pernah mau ngasih comment….manusia aneh…

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