lesson learned

hmmmm… hehehe, gw baru aja dapet banyak pelajaran baru. walaupun sampai sekarang masih bersisa rasa nggak enaknya, but i’m in PMS period, so it’s natural to be gloomy ;p

pertama, gw diajarin cara ngatur stok sama orang dhl, and hopefully it would help me to reach my objective. pelajaran lain, I found that no such a perfect family. each family has their own burden, each person in the family has their own characteristic and life’s choice. and sometimes, one’s choice could be another’s burden.

it’s so ironic when one’s love trouble could change the perspective of love for other part in the family. but, that’s normal, because we learn not from ourself, but also from others.
intinya, gw belajar tentang keluarga dan cinta.

my family is not perfect, tapi cinta masih bersemi di keluarga ini. anything happened, any roller coaster love in my family, but I still found my mother and sister are happy with their love. hehehe, tapi tetep aja sih, things happened to them affect me in the way I look at marriage. untungnya sih gw gak sampai gak pengen married, because I still consider each human can’t live alone.


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