don’t jump, live it!

my friend told me that he want to jump to a glass in front of him.

I said, “don’t fix one sin with another sin.”

he said, “at least she can forget me if I’m gone…”

I answered, “you are so selfish! you want to commit a suicide to diminish your heart pain, so it’s all about you, not hers.”

Then he finally said, “I am sorry for all of my mistaken. Good bye.”

No. When he said good bye, he didn’t jump from that window, even until now he’s still standing a several meters from me. He is one of my very best friend, and I don’t want him to end his life this way… it’s all because of love, he could turn from a very cheerful man to a misery man.

Love is something we can’t run from.
Love is beautiful, but harmful.
It could give you a life, but it could take the life from you…
But, we only human, and we can’t refuse our destiny.
So, just living the life, with the best way you can.


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