midnite summer…

okay, now is 11.20 pm, almost midnite.. and I can’t stop thinking about him.. I at my home, enjoying a restless weekend, and almost close it with sleeping tight, but I can’t!!!

Maybe these are the reasons:
1. because I slept too much yesterday, to pay-off my lacking of sleep for one whole week..
2. this 3 signal makes ke crazy –> provider GSM bernama Three, gua baru beli perdana-nya jumat kemaren, dengan harapan dapet free internet, hehehee.. Tapi jadinya gua ngerasa ditipu. padahal kemaren di plaza semanggi kenceng bangetsss, huhuhu.. mudah2an di kosan gw juga kenceng!!
3. huhuhu, missing him so so much, and I almost can’t think sane.. I don’t love him yet, but I like him soooo much, and I don’t care about his weaknesses :p
hah, udalaaaah.. when I meet him, then what? I just staring at him and get nothing.. mending cari yang pasti2 aja deh. apa emang penyakit gua yah, always wanting something I didn’t have?????

Boy, I wish i could have u……


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