one very moment of my life..

one very moment in my life when I feel very stupid, but I try not to regret any single thing in my life..

my friend just texted me, as below:

steph, gw ngomong ini bukan karena gw jahat… Tp krn gw sayang sama loe (honestly…)….
I also think u r stupid…!!! Satu2nya orang yang akan dia sayang, adalah dirinya sendiri… None other!! So don’t waste ur life…..
try to get over him….
That’s what i think…
the rest is yours, but as a friend, i’ll support u with all the best effort i have… 

then, what should I do?
I have 2 options:

1. regret all the time i’ve been wasted for him and with him. hate him, because he seduce me for nothing.. just for a guy pride!

2. even now he made me so damned hurts, but he had gave me lots if happiness.. so, consider it as even. what I have to do now is to move on with my life.. do it slowly but sure, make your post-grad dream beat his position in your heart & mind.. I kbow that’s hard, but time heals…

as an adult, I will choose the second option.. wishing that I could do it, properly…


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