Q & A

Q: ‘what is the purpose of my life?’
A: ‘don’t know yet… rather than questioning your life’s purpose, why don’t you start execute your short-term plan? it will direct you somewhere……
doung is different with just thinking……

Q:’should I dating someone? i’m affraid love will fade my dreams……’
A:’who are you? God? a dream is a dream, but you’ll never know what fit best in you. your life could change in one spin, but you gotta believe it’s heading to the right way. if God send you someone, don’t waste it….. if he’s the best for you, he’ll support your dreams……..

Q:’i feel like i’m changing into a hedonic moron lady…. is it good?’
A:’well, everybody’s changing…. you just have to make sure that you’re not jumping too far…. you have to keep the balance & self control….

Q:’i hate him, but I like him!!!!’
A:’if you can’t forget him, don’t push yourself too hard. enjoy the happiness he’d gave to you while it last…. but when it’s running out, don’t fall down… you have to bounce back…… you’re strong!!!!!!! a woman’s worth!!!!!


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