this lovely weekend (hopefully)

my aunt and bule cousin from USA will arrived in indonesia at may 23rd this week!!! yippiieee!! even though we’re so bad at family gathering.. but, this is a rare moments… the last time she went to indo was about 3.5 years ago… when i’m still dating my ex, muwahahahaha… now you know how long i’ve been single..!

tapi, akuu baik2 sajaaaaaaa, hidupku sempurnaaa… i’m single & very happppyyyyyy…… uoooooooo-uoooooooo…. (finger crossed), hihihihihi……

anyway tadinya gw memutuskan utk ke bandung menghadiri kawinan junior asdos gw….. tapi setelah dipikir dan dimasak….. gw malessssss!!! because eventually I had to go to bogor in sunday morning!!!! uuurrrggghhh… 😦

jadi, i’ve to choose between these though options….. huhhuhuhuhuhu, sayang gw ga bisa membelah diri 😦


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