marketing review

I hardly post any marketing review in this past one year. sad, but it’s normal. approx 1 year and 9 months I have been jumping into the supply chain pond. yap, it’s not only about moving goods from one place to another, but it’s even more complex and needs a lot of crisis management, as same as in marketing.

but, i’ll try to make one now.

yesterday, I post one entry about the city of image. yaps, grown-up people doesn’t buy things they need, but they buy it because they are impulsive and like to brag.

Will Smith once said, “people spend a lot of money to buy things they don’t need for people they doesn’t like.”

Yaps, when Gabrielle Solis want to make her husband’s aunt suffered, she wore expensive clothes and jewelry to make her her husband’s aunt feel envy, because she knew she can’t afford it. nonetheless, one concept I remembered from the microeconomics class, price is the equillibrium of supply and demand. but, when the goods had brand in it, the equillibrium is no longer exist.

and what strategy does the branded stuffs did?

no tv advertising, because their consumer segment is niche customer, in example the sucess and independent woman kind of customer. so, they had to point directly to that little and selected customers, and find out what are the factors who could influence them the most. IMO, it’s the lifestyle magazine who could wrap things beautifully & their peers.

Magazine: you can see that one per third fashion magazine’s page is full of cosmetics & clothes brand advertising. because when it comes to fashion, you need some guidance to justify that you already wore the most updated clothes & style, despite it is right or not. remember, it’s not about right or wrong, but it’s about the image.

The problem is, how do we compete with our competitors, since the amount of leading fashion magazine in Indonesia is not that much. so, we’re fishing in the same pond, and using the same worm. so, creativity and brand personality is the key.

Peers (word of mouth):  for this kind of customers, what other women talks and wear is very important. they don’t wanna missed a thing. most of the times, emotions speaks more than logics. why? because they had disposable income to buy those un-needed stuffs. and primarily, they don’t have to save hard like the success man (in opposite, they just need to invest on the looks, so they can grab the success man, hahahahhaa)… well, it doesn’t always comes right, because most of good men were taken.. so, better prepare yourself a safe net, hahahahahhaa…


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