does people really care on the inside?

does people really care on the inside?

or they just care what they seen through their eyes? maybe it’s a born fact that human’s eyes is the window to every part of their body: mind, heart, and else.

so, eventhough Megan Fox admits herself as a tranny which having sexual reassignment surgery at age 16, she still looks hot. maybe even your eyes beat your mind, include mine.

yes, my mind keep saying that she’s a tranny.
but, her long and intrique eyelashes makes me envy her so bad.
i bet half of my feeling wants to have surgeries like she had!!! weeekkkssss…. horrible.

is looks that important?

I don’t know. if I already knew the answer, I won’t ask you. all I can say is just that i’m a bitchy shallow 23-years old girl who’d hope that she could get a responsible husband with not so bad looks.

yeah, i’ve stated it. I’m so shallow.

that is why, the moment i want to dump him from my mind, he appears with his innocent face *Goddamnit*, I can’t say NO to play his gameplay!!

er, well… I can have a lovely hardworker hubby, can I? I didn’t ask for Tom Cruise,,, I didn’t ask for a prince like Manohara. I just want a lovely hardworker hubby…. hiks….

me and office friends :Dme and office friends 😀


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