my big family

okay, thanks to the coffee-low fat milk invention by Nina, it’s 3 AM in the morning and I can’t sleep! damned…. >_<

Rather than keeping my mind flying over there, went to some narcissist megalomaniac -but sometimes can be very sweet- man, i decide to re-open my laptop and start googling (then blogging).

first, I just remember that i haven’t wrote any stories about my aunt who just went here from USA. it’s a rare opportunity, because she only went once in 5 years (approx., except if something spectacular happened). we had dinner 2 weeks ago, last dinner before she went back to USA with her daughter, Jasmine.

Anyway, I had to admit that our big family (my mother had 5 siblings) not as happy as it seen in the pictures. lots of conflict happened among them. But, people said that blood won’t lie… so, mean while sometimes I feel like faking my smile and my face in front of them, well just accept that family will always comes first….
@ restoran sari, Bogor



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