yasmin has resigned..

my very best friend at office, Yasmin, has definitely leave.. her last day is June 16th, 2009. she moved to a oily oily company. multinational, but looked slow. actually, i always thought oily company moves like BUMN: not very competitive (piss yo!), hehehehe…

well, but since she wanna get married, and i am fully support it, so moving to oil company is a great bridge to her dream. she funds her family, therefore money is an important factor for her before leaving her family (to live with her future hubby, of course….)

this is a photoshop work i’ve worked for her after our backpacking time (when we got our office travelling to phillipines):

hehehe,,, perjalanan yang hemat,, seneng gw :p

hehehe,,, perjalanan yang hemat,, seneng gw :p

goobye darling, see you when i see you!


3 thoughts on “yasmin has resigned..

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  2. wow… padahal kayaknya gw menulis hal2 yang netral, hehehehee…
    well, ka… people comes and goes in our life. things which will stay are the memories when we enjoy all the moments with them…
    i learned a lot from the tremendous turn over in my company, kekekekek…
    or is it just how the life goes?

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