jakarta great sale???

yesterday, i went to sency… to watch transformer and had a crazy shopping due to jakarta great sale, and finally my salary has appears in my account.

but, what I saw is only zara sale, with irrational price (suck! the shoes is still 449,000!!! and I just got lousy short for IDR 199,000) sick, sick, sick….

well, finally my gals ended shopping at orange, hehehehe… while I didn’t buy a thing. hmm, this jakarta great sale just not fitted me that well, i guess…

anyway, but i got several things in mind now, which i planned to buy:
1. body butter body shop… huhuhuhu… i want it since i was in college 😦
maybe i’ll buy the body scrub also.. actually they got night and day cream of vitamin E in small pot, with relatively cheap price (40,000-50,000), but i still considering to shift from my skin doctor’s cream.. it’s so risky, you know….

2. i want etude loose powder…. but i still got my palgantong, which i bought with a very expensive price! IDR 160,000 for 25 gr…. so i guess, i will delay this expense until 3 months ahead. no impulsive buying!

3. i want to buy gogirl mag… it’s been a millenium since i read one…

4. i want pempek and rujak uleg…. Gosh….. (i think i shouldn’t write it in my list, should i?)

5. i already ordered one korean dress by internet, hopefully the actual will be great (will be shipped to me in 2-3 weeks onwards), then i’d decide to buy the next one… it’s so pretty when i saw the pictures, though…

6. dvds!!! i need lipstick jungle, desperate housewives, and ugly betty’s dvdsssss…..


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