yaps, today is just a crazy day for me.

1. my friend at office read my blog. Gosh, my greatest fear has happened. darn…… i think i really had to be careful now, kekekekkek….

2. whaaaa??? my friend just told us that he will extending his days in bali in all season hotel, with rates 1.2 million per day??! kreeezziiii!!!!! i don’t know what’s on his mind…. 2.4 million dorm, and now… a 1.2 million room… how can he got all that money??!! GOSH….

3. my work getting heavier.. so many adjustment, so many suffering ahead. and most of all, i can’t love the challenge like i did in the beggining of this year 😦
i don’t know why, maybe i’m just too excited with a glimpse of hope that i may get a marketing career. or things just went in opposite direction in my department. now we don’t know what or who to defend. everyone wear their own mask….

i don’t know, i just lost my spirit…


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