like a baby pig…..


after rinse my clothes, my feeling got better.

after all, this is nobody’s fault. i think it’s no use if i put blamed on somebody’s neck or even myself.

this is just a matter on how you dealt with problems.

life doesn’t always run as our wish. sometimes it sucks. sometimes it’s splendid. but sometimes it even sucker x-p

but after all, it was you who choose to smile or to whine. it’s you who choose to see a glass as a half empty or half full. your frown will not change your problem. but your smile may bright your mind a little bit, to find a way out. or maybe just to make your feeling gets better. but, it’s worth-it.

it’s like a baby pig. people said baby pig walk with it’s head down, because it feel ashamed that both parents is a pig.

but, human choose differently. whatever problems come ahead you, you have to stand still. put your head up, face it, and keep walking. because you can’t avoid it. what you can do is face it and live with it.

God….. i am worry about my future.

I try not to worry, but i’m still worry.

I shoud put 100% trust on you. when i’ve tried my best, all i have to do is put the result in Your Mighty Hands.

In God we trust.


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