the way the world goes round

Until noon, i nearly assumed that today is so splendid.

I told my boss that I decided not to resign. she hugged me.

And even though I have no longer spark with him, but been able to see each other in the eyes was brighting my day.

until, the moment when we’ll go to gym, he picked up his cell phone.

then, i heard the words “kamu” and “aku” fly away from his mouth softly.


no, i didn’t like him.

no, i didn’t make any plan to be with him.

no, i think he’s not that smart, wise, and ideal.

but why i still feel jabbed?

suddenly i sucked into a black hole.

my heart changed into black…. and empty.


because my heart is truly empty, so when disturbia comes, it will affected immediately.

that’s why, i finally decide to fill my emptiness, as soon.

if it’s God’s will, then be it 🙂


3 thoughts on “the way the world goes round

  1. My very personal opinion yah teph…
    gw mendukung elo dgn Bapak “G” much better!!!!

    but you know it already I think…

    PS : I’ve some story about your gym-mate that I’ve solemnly swear that will not told anybody else!!!
    but if that story had even only 20% accuracy, there’s no way you’ll ever fall for him…

  2. hahahhaha……
    who’s bapak G anyway?
    oowwwhh… yeah…. if he likes me, i’ll fall for him either. but, as you know, he shown no sign that he’s interested on me…
    so, what am I supposed to do? dancing around him? wekekekekek….

    what? what? tell me!
    hehehe.. Nin, I don’t fall for him.
    I don’t know what it’s called, but I just don’t…

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