seeing things differently

my boss always asks, “what can we do differently?”

i guess i should start doing that also. like siv khera’s book i’ve rode thousands years ago, “don’t do different things, but do things differently.”

if i saw myself, i should be extremely happy with my progress. watching my life behind, 7 years ago… in senior high school. when i was nothing, one of the most handsome guy in my high school is just playing his dirty game to me and then cheating from his girlfriend with another girl (i thought it will be me, hahahhaha…). i was nothing back then.

in college, i start another brand new life. but, people only see me as a smart nerdy girl who’s hanging around with another cum lauders. but, i don’t even care with that, because i love my friends.

now, actually i almost reach things i’ve dreamed about. nice career, great looks, got enough money & taste to support that, and people relate me with one of the most handsome guy in office (like someone just said to me today….). if i was back in high school, this condition is like a dream come true : )

so, rather than seeing a glass as a half empty, i want to start seeing it as a half full.

i just live a dreamed life for this past six month and it’s been amazing : )

if now i comeback to real, it’s not because it’s so bad…. but it just the way the world goes round… i still had God besides me, someOne that will never ever abandon me. someOne that i always can talked to. someOne that i can always count on : )

Thank you, God… for every single thing happened in my life.. it’s been such wonderful journey…

i think i know….

i think i know why am i sick. it’s not because i’m lacking of sleep… oh, okay, maybe there’s a little factor of that damned overcold AC at my office… but the main factor is because lately i’m not happy.

it begins since last week, my unhappiness started when SAP test got bad. then, i got a black friday, which makes me beg for a wonderful saturday. indeed, that saturday was wonderful but dangerous. i can’t positioning myself to play around like i used to be, because i had to take a good care of my heart. i can’t just “enjoy” like before…

that what make my happiness decreased. i don’t know is it a bad thing, because i know everything is not the same again, it couldn’t be… maybe this is it. maybe this is the time for me to stop?

those of above factors contributes my depression on the following day, plus i got my period. in wednesday, my period + a very bad attitude from someone that i am not expecting to be makes it turns into a disaster. so, this thursday i’m as sick as a little dog. i know it’s not because i’m busy or something. my heart is always influencing my physic condition… it always did.

consider i’m in broken hearted condition. i think i deserve it, because i know this will happening sooner or later *sighing*. it’s the risk… and as a mature girl, i should take full responsibility of my action…