things i had to do before 30

– driving car (which i already started by today, just not yet smart enough :P)

– at least had 1 kind of asset

– graduated from master degree

– going to europe

– married 🙂


4 thoughts on “things i had to do before 30

  1. Four of those goals are major ones. Well, three actually, because a driver’s license and a car is nice, convenient but defining.

    Marriage is. Not so much as a goal in my opinion, rather as an option. Because one may wonder whether staying single isn’t the best choice for a lot of people and/ or in a lot of conditions.

    By the way: it goes without saying I very much appreciate number four: going to Europe.

  2. i consider my clothes and shoes as assets…oh, it’s definitely a lie! 😀

    i have 2 of your goals: get a master’s degree & married 🙂

    you go, steph!! \^^/

  3. @ colson:
    i don’t know why, but i always thinks that each independent woman in indonesia should driving her own cars, maybe because my father never allow me to drive his 😦

    about married, well… i am independent, but i still need man, hahahaha…. as the time goes by, our friends get busy with their own stuffs, so it’s important to have a husband that always be there for me…

    and going to Europe? of course! my dream is to travel around Europe, either when i pursue my master degree there (my deepest wish) or going there by backpacking.

    @ Eka:
    hahahaha.. yeah, and you already got a boyfriend a.k.a future husband… so, i must keep my spirit! hahahhaa….

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