before 24….

as I have lived for 23 years and 10 months…. i learned that no human could live in status quo. which means, no human could be good for all of his life or could be bad forever either.

human made mistakes, and they leaned from it…. in the other side, human make good things, but they feel bored and start seeking for ‘challenges’….

a man confessed that he used drugs several times.

a good friend who thinks smoking is good for her healthiness.

a person who made love with her girlfriend, got cheated, and then cheated her in return. but he can’t escape from his relationship because of that one mistake.

a best friend who once addicted to sex and then aborted her child.

a religious person who turns into someone hate religion and start enjoying relationship with a girl that might not ever blast in his mind before.

well, as I said before.. it’s just the way the world goes round, babe….

we can’t change any of it, because it’s the nature of human!

so, let’s not think too much on something… just enjoy it and consider it as a process of learning… for all >_*