today i had a chat with one of my senior in college, which also dating my friend (both of them went to the same college with me). then as usual, eventually we talked about dating. he said, if i don’t wanna get married, then it means that i’m just searching for a dating experience.

um, it makes me thinking…  i don’t wanna an experience, i already had one.  i just don’t wanna be lonely, that’s my one and only reason. after all, we’ll never know when will that thing so-called-love comes.. and i think it’s not fair for myself to make a barrier until how far i can involved with my love adventure.

i want to get a master degree before married.

but i gotta admit that i need love.

i need someone to fill an empty space in my heart.

so, just let it naturally ya… even though i was afraid to have a long distance relationship, but it will goes naturally.

qui sera sera… whatever will be.. will be.

don’t think too much, just act >_*


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