can love and reality be friends?

i just having a chat with my friend, we can call her Y. yes, she’s the one that i care much and just told me she slept with someone’s husband a few weeks ago… I think her problem could be solved if she move from her current company. by that way, she can stay away from being ashamed in her office, from the terrors of his wife, and the most important thing: stay away from that guy. thay guy who said had fallin for her and she fall into also… if they are still in the same office, they will never forget each other!

well, we all want a happy ending… but sometimes we just can’t control to whom we fall in love.

and now she had decide to stay… she wants to keep the lie, like everybody does. until when we can keep our deepest secret? I don’t know. my other friend also keep that from me. she always pretend in front of me.. in fact I know what really happening. but let it be her choice… it’s like a snowball effect, you always create one lie to closure the other lie.

it makes me think about myself. I know what I’m doing is not the best people can expect from me. but I know that this is less harm… life is about choosing, and now I had 2 options: back to my gals and let my feeling die like before *i’ve been there* or playing around with someone for temporary basis. and I choose the second options and making my own barrier to protect myself.

but I learned something from my friends. never compare our relationship with other’s. it would never be the same. the parameter is different…

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