started to be mellow again….

i guess i am nearly approaching my period or i just in bad sleepy mode, because i suddenly felt so mellow.

maybe it’s because he’s changing. at first, he changed into a way politer man with so many ‘thank you’ words for me. that’s fine.

but, he started to pray (according to his religion), and it makes me feel that our fake adventure will start to ended. as soon as he bought that living place, he started to get settled down and search for a wife.

for all these times, we got something in common, which is: we still wanna playing around and marriage is not in our short-term plan. but, he’s older than me… if everything in this world got it’s own moment, maybe this moment will fading away from me…

Gosh, i never wondering that it will affect me so much.

I miss the love in my life, I wanna get those real affections.

I want to get a master degree, but I think I really had to manage between love and ambition. I gotta make it balance.

can I have him, here now?

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