sometimes we just can’t choose where our heart will sink…

and this moment, i was telling myself that i’m a fool.

when someone comes to my life offered his care and time for me with his creepy way…. i refused.

yes, 30% because he’s creepy and 70% because of myself.

my friend said, maybe it’s because i already give my heart to someone else, so i can’t have another one to give to….

someone that will never be mine.

or I’m just freaking out because i hardly knowing someone new these days… yeah, i’m a comfort zoners now… huh!

well… but i think it’s not fair if i kept telling myself that i’m such a stupid girl, without listening to my heart. despite all the people who’s telling me to go find a guy… despite all of my loneliness… despite all of the busy day… the most important thing is myself. how i feel comfort with all of my action, my heart, and my soul….

i know i am doing something illogical… but, life is not all about logic, it’s about listening to our heart…


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