growing up

growing up doesn’t always growing old….

in 15 days, i would be 24 years old. in my imagination 7 years ago, i would be a funtastic lady and having everything in 24 years old.

but, then i smiled.

i have achieve something spectacular this year… i am changing to a way better person.

from dementor to a cheerful girl.

from rushy girl to a girl that enjoys every moment in her life.

from a girl that always aim for objective to a girl that respect all of the journey within.

i have already read this quote and even put it in my undergraduate final thesis, but i can actually act like it just now.

“the most important thing is not the destination, but it’s the journey…..” (Paulo Coelho)


can you realize that when we keep running in our life, we’ll pass so many beautiful things around us? when we’re arrived in the finish line, it will be too late to get back and catching up those moments. i don’t want to have that regret in my life. i don’t want to run run and run in my life without enjoying the life itself…

i like him due to fact that he changed me with his own way. i hate him because he’s so joker face. but, i don’t care. I have decided no to fear to whatever happened in the future. I am an adult. I know what i’m doing and i will take a full responsibilities of all my actions.

broken hearted, crying, desperate, fall down…. so what.

this is life. we live and we learn. we made mistakes and we learn from it. if we never had a shot, we’ll never know the result. i want to fly and see the beautiful sky. even though in the end i may fall, but i won’t be teared apart. i will always stand still because of myself. i love myself, more than others.

yesterday there was a man trying to know me closer. at first, i wanna give him a shot, but he made me terrified after the second calls! Gosh, at that moment i just realized that i’m not ready for the M thing (Marriage). he’s so serious… he talked about criteria, dreams, and all the things that were inconvenient to be talked to strangers….!

after several days in dilemmas, i decide i’ll pass this one.

i believe God would give me someone that tickle my heart. someone that is fit on me, in HIS mighty eyes. but i think not now, while i got so many things to do.  my toefl, scholarships, work, SAP things, marketing movement….. and i already had someone that tickle my stomach… even i know i may fall, but i won’t be teared apart. because i love myself even more.


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