anyho… i can manage not to be teared apart, with a little help of money and a little help from the gals.

yes, i was save, but my money aren’t.

but, it’s ok-lah… money is not everything, rite. don’t count it. at least for this case 🙂

bad day

life is a series of random events.. we’ll never know how and when, but it just happened.

1. I got hit by my own window.. and I still can feel the pain on my head until now. I am so lucky it doesn’t hit my eyes…

2. I throw my own room key to a trash plastic… and it makes me had to search it between my orange skins garbage..

3.  I spend lots of money to buy vitamin E body shop set who makes my face skin even worst… well okay, that’s not unfortunate.. that’s just something unimportant which I wanna buy since I was in college..

4. I receive a text from him, canceling our appointment tomorrow. this make me sad, but not upset. okay, just a little upset. but, then I planned to reschedule to today. but, he won’t bother to reply my text, my chat, or even pick-up my calls. Goshhhh, the most selfish man on earth!!!!! this is when enough is enough!!!

it made me feel stuck in my room… i gotta grab a fresh air to cool my mind up! then i start to call my friend one by one… but none of them were available tonight. so, i decide to call my friend -Yasmin, who’s just having break fasting with her friends at grand indonesia. well, fortunately she’s flexible enough to have a “date” with me in a very short notice. then i dried my hair, put on some moisturizers, and wearing a fit clothes and go grab a taxi.

as always, he reply my chat late… and pretending there was nothing happened. sick sick sick. nope, he’s not that kind man told by my friend a week ago. he’s a megalomaniac who thinks that he’s the center of the earth. nope, you’re not babe.. i still got so so so many friends to accompany me in a bad saturday night.

no man, no cry!

me and yasmin. good food, great friends!

me and yasmin. good food, great friends!

curhat session through facebook..

ekaaaa, gw kayaknya mesti curhat nih sama loe, heehehe… belakangan ini gw jadi teribly malesssss… lots of work to do… but i gotta hang-on and fight for my dream 🙂

–> one thing i learned this past one week:

having a boyfriend won’t make your life easier. I just realized that hanging-out with your boyfriend or with your gals is the same. They had the same quality. What makes it different just because the za-za-su that tickles your stomach and your boyfriend may pay for the date, so it will save your money 🙂

but, other than that… without the sensations, it’s useless. don’t go for a date when you don’t want to. That’s my opinion. Maybe I was such a fool, but I hope I make a right decision.