i’m tired to keep guessing..
i’m tired waiting for him..
i’m tired to understand, but not being understood..
i’m tired to ride on this roller coaster!

yeah I know… few more days I might would write some sick moron poem again…

I think this is the time.. everything has it’s own expiry date.. this is the time to stop this game.

I can’t studying.. my heart is so disturbing!
mind trick.. mind trick.. keep telling that to myself!

today, unexpectedly.. a good-looking-man offered himself to have fun with me!! he got a girl, for 5 years.. and he asked me whether I want to have an affair with him.

obviously I said no! because it means that I will put myself on a second roller coaster. I must be crazy if I did that.. this feeling is tiring me. I gotta stop!

4 thoughts on “expired

  1. teph, u asked me ’bout the relationship thing (despite the religion problem) a while ago..
    dan gw baru inget gw pernah ngomong gini ke temen gw:

    “kalo suatu hubungan ga akan berujung ke mana-mana dan cuma bikin lo makan hati, ngapain lo jalanin? toh, dia juga ga mau susah-susah ngejalaninnya sama lo, kadang ada, kadang nggak. kecuali kalo lo sama dia punya komitmen serius, baru lah hubungan itu worth the struggle. kalo ga, ngapain lo pacaran kalo ga bikin hati lo seneng”

    gw ga tahu apakah applicable dengan keadaan lo sekarang…mudah2an membantu deh…

  2. hahahaah…
    gila ya ka… loe tau ga… yang ngajak gw itu, temen gw di kantor… padahal gw sih biasa aja sama dia, tau2 dia ngajak gw have fun di belakang ceweknya… ya amploppp…
    jakarta.. oh jakarta… 😀

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