one more week

to my toefl. but i will survive. i even think to go to starbucks and start learning there, if it can boost up my mood. it is right. money can’t buy you happiness.

money can’t even boost up your study mood. but, since i am now in a different stage of life, i gotta move on and use my money for something good.

i have tasted life without money. my brain keep rolled and rolled to think how to make money for a living. but, now.. i have money. maybe not much, because i am not yet afford to buy a car in cash. but, i have enough money to tempting myself. to make me feel lazy. to make me feel that i owned the world…

i had decided not to spoil myself with car. because if i want to pursue my master, it means that i have to ready to start from a very beginning. after graduates, i gotta search for a work from scratch… well, maybe i don’t have to start from staff level, but still... i will pass sometimes to seek for a fit job.

i decide to invest my money into a house to secure that times.

no, this toefl is not the end of my struggle. it is just the beginning. i gotta complete the application, complete all the documents…

hell yeah, i am sure God will guide me to the best.

my boss just gave me another compliment today. she also gave me my payslip and salary increase letter. even though the increase is not as much as i calculated before, but it’s simply okay.  every amount will be accepted with lots of grateful. i don’t care even she told me to do this and that like a staff, because i am!!! hahahahaa… i don’t care. all i wanna do is just doing my best, let her to make her promise into real… and taste the marketing experience!


2 thoughts on “one more week

  1. Almost a house-owner, consistently pursuing your career and keeping up the discipline to study – it looks like a person who is on the right track to success.

  2. ahahahhha…. it’s not as ideal as i wrote in here. i planned to buy a small house with my mother, with half-half shares.
    huhuhu.. i really need good scores on my toefl. minimum 22 in all bands, and 23 in writting.
    i really regret the fact that i didn’t take ielts in the first place 😦

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