maybe i am lacking of motivation because i don’t really like australia as before.
because one of my friend ever said that australia is unclear, it wasn’t asia nor western. well…. that kinda slap my face.

second, one of my friend went there last year, due to her husband got a free trip from his company. but, my friend was complaining. she said there’s nothing there.

third, i was crazy about europe because four of my friend stay there for several years. whoaaa… euro trip is my dream!

anyway, this scholarship is the most feasible scholarship for me. all of european scholarship required so-so many requirements, and mostly doesn’t offer management major. so, this is the chance i had to take and i gotta make myself motivated!

i’m gonna googling beautiful places in australia… just to open my eyes that Oz is also beautiful, even maybe more than europe! 😀


4 thoughts on “australia

  1. I’m sure Australia has a lot in store for everyone who, like you, has an open mind. Western for sure, but in a very modern, matter-of-fact way. Objectively it may well be the greatest opportunity ever ( though secretly I of course – being biased as hell – think Europe is a league on it’s own ).

  2. hi COlson!!!
    wow… it’s great to have you here, since you lived in Netherlands… waddayathink? europe or australia?
    most people also said that europe is boring…. (no offense, hehehehee….)
    which one best, live for 1 year or just having 2 weeks trip around Europe?

  3. @ @ stephworld: Two weeks for Europe is way to short a time. With only a fortnight at one’s disposal one should confine the holidays to one country. Italy for instance – especially if one wants to meet Latin lovers or if one wants to see a lot of ancient architecture and a lot of beautiful Renaissance art. Or one should visit only two or three capitals ( swinging cities like Paris, Berlin, London) if one is are afraid of getting bored in Europe. Of course Amsterdam tops it all ( well, I biased).

    PS: I did not just live in the Netherlands. I still do.

  4. hahaha… sorry, wrong grammar… Gosh, i will had my toefl test in 3 more days, but i still makes stupid mistake in grammar…. hahahahhaa…

    wow…. you make me….. wanna go there!! but, anyway… i will try my best, and let God do the rest. nonetheless, europe scholarship offers so limited major for me… but someday i’ll go there. i’m sure 🙂

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