waktunya semakin dekat, tapi gw malah semakin gamang.

am I making the right decision to leave my comfort zone?

yes, I am.

I have been pursued this for 2 damn years… how can I just leave it?

I can have the position, title, money, and great friends in return. but, i will lose my dream, my spirit, and eventually… myself..

I am terrified, and it’s normal. it’s so human.

to change is not easy. changing is terrifying. changing is uncomfortable.

everybody will always feel this way. it’s not only me. it’s happened to anyone.

but, what make a difference, is some people may follow their fear and decide to stay put.

but, i’m not one of them.

i am the golden girl now. but, it doesn’t mean that i will stop being it.

we will never know what future brings. i, in the first place will never know that i could be a golden girl.

but, it happens.

so, i should not be hesitated.

it is me who draw my life, not others. so, i will continue drawing…


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