at the bottom of my rollercoaster.

but, i’m trying not to think about it too much, because i worth more than that.

anyway, just having my toefl yesterday. a test that sucked all of my last month’s saving. but, apparently i did not think of it seriously. i don’t know, is it just me or everyone else would do such thing like i did. i just feel sick of these business and emptiness… i need to have fun.

i need to forget all of this ambitions, visions, study hard, et cetera….. because i have been work so hard lately, and i deserve a vacation.

i don’t know.

maybe someday i will click on with half of my awareness. i’m just so sick of all this tiring lovelife, neverending projects, people who kept asking about me about that system….

but, i will recover.

if it takes a holiday, then i will spend my money for that. for the sake of my soul.


2 thoughts on “useless

  1. Come on. Don’t get toefl-ed. Safe your soul by all means. One thing I know for sure: rollercoasters at the bottom can’t do anything but move fast forward to the top.

  2. wow!!!
    can’t say a word!!
    this is just a countless time you’ve made me amazed with your quote.. and believe me, i remember all of those.
    because i can learn about life from your quotes…
    yap!!!! fast forward to the top!!! woo-hoo!!

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