today he smiled a lot…. and it’s so damn crunchy, until I can’t stop starring at him.

and I just realized that I give him a lot of motivation and career objectives… because of what my boss said to me today. so, I guess we’re even now :))


4 thoughts on “love…

  1. A short yet intriguing and slightly mysterious post. Looks like it’s about good vibrations mainly. But the situation is not quite clear to me. A few questions pop up. Is this also about a one way romantic affair? And about being consumed by love? What are the characteristics of a crunchy guys (or girls) by the way?

  2. ahahahahaha… i’m glad, you asked a lot this time.

    well, let me try to answer it one by one:
    1. one way romantic affair? did you mean i am the one who had a crush, while he did not? well.. i don’t know the answer either. better asked him directly ;p
    2. being consumed by love? i guess so… you know, people said.. being in love with a playboy always giving a toxic sensation. well, i just try to enjoy it.
    3. crunchy guys? hahahaha… i don’t know exactly, it depends on each guy characteristic. i just know that, the day i wrote that post… when he smiled and laugh, his eyes was so bright and sparkling… and it was the rare time in my life i saw him that way.

    anyway, do you know.. i mention about you in my facebook. i wrote, “when i feel like at the bottom of my rollercoaster, my dutch grandpa said ‘One thing I know for sure: rollercoasters at the bottom can’t do anything but move fast forward to the top.’”

  3. hahaahahaha… it awesome to finally make you blushing!
    anyway, i might will apply for a university and scholarship in france, named Rouen business school. but i gotta pay 75 EUR for the application, which is not a small amount in Indonesia.
    i’ve been thinking about it…. but i gotta try for this chance.
    anyway, do you know some scholarships in netherlands for Indonesian?
    thanks! πŸ™‚

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