ugly truth

i just watched ugly truth movie yesterday.. and it makes me realized… there’s no superman.

i got some moments in my life – in my single life, to be exact – when bad things happened and I wondered, “i wish i had a boyfriend, he might will protect me and this will not happen.”

or another moment when i am so sick at my lodging house and i was in confusion strolling for food, i’m thinking, “if i had a boyfriend, he might bring me foods and taking a good care of me now.”

or when i’m walking down the street, people bugging at me with some racist words, i am hoping my boyfriend would kick their asses.

or when i got home from my mandarin course -once upon a time when i was in college- and the rain fell so hard, i hoped i got a boyfriend who had a car and ready to save me from getting wet.

like what Mark said, “the only things men look from a women are their t*ts and a*s”, hahahahaha… okay, maybe that was overwhelmed. but, this movie make me realized, that men are like women, we just an ordinary human. we got strength, weaknesses and flaws.

a guy with car might can take you anywhere you want, but he can’t always be there for you like you want him to be. because he got his own businesses.

a bravery guy might bring you foods when you’re sick, but he can’t cure you. the only thing that can make you better is a good sleep.

a fun guy may brights your day up, but he won’t rescued you from any disaster of the day.

well, in conclusion.. if someday i decide to start another commitment with men, it’s not because i wished they can rescue me. but, it’s because i love him as the way he is, both his strength, weaknesses, and flaws.


2 thoughts on “ugly truth

  1. You are absolutely right: partners without flaws and weaknesses ( that is what we see as flaws and weaknesses) don’t exist. And no one is ever able to compete with the “perfect” gal or guy.

    So I guess, the main thing in a steady relationship is a joined effort to develop mutual accepted safety valves to blow off some steam in case of emergency or some approved of strategies of tension ( or even conflict) control. Because in my experience – even when both partners have got hooked on the principle of taking the other as he/she is- one’s good intentions are put to the test by the behavior of the other on a daily basis.

  2. yes… after watched this movie i am wondering, “so why the hell we jump ourself into a relationship?”
    if guy only sees our looks, so why we had to commit ourself with that megalomaniac in the first place? if they can be a plumber in our house, it might works. but, nowadays not every men can do those “men things”.

    so, then i gave up to find the answer.
    it’s just love. it’s only those chemical mixing in our body who can make ourself doing something stupid.

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