I finally made it.

after all of those sweats, times, tears, stresses….

the feeling of successful is like falling in love multiple times. or even maybe feels like having multiple orgasm, well i can’t answer that 😛

everything is worth-it… all of those journey back there is all worth-it…

my TOEFL score is 98 and adequate for all of the requirements from the Uni… Now, i will give another shot for the scholarship, help me God… 🙂


2 thoughts on “MIRACLE!!!!!!

  1. OH MY GOD Colsonnnnn!!!
    i wanna jump, rolling, and dancing!
    thank you so so so so so so so much for your support! and you always have that magic words to cheer me up.
    my thank you words might feels so lame. but i thanked you with all my heart. a great one. you have no idea how words and wiseness can change someone’s life.
    i start to think my 24 isn’t that bad after you said my 25 will be even greater…
    i decide not to stay put at my bottom of roller coaster because you said that it will move forward to the top… and i believe in it.
    Gosh, you will never know how much i thanked you.
    again, thank you.

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