a blew in my chest

I really wanna hug everyone nears me since yesterday!! I am in a huge happiness…. I even can’t draw it by words…. it’s been such a time when I feel this way…. this feeling of success just blew in my chest and spread into my lung….

Gosh…. I nearly cried when I finished my toefl test. I wanna go to South Pole and jump into a big hole. I can’t even think wise.

several days afterwards, I got my senses and start to regret why the hell i took that test. it just cause me pains.

but, then i remember that i’m not alone. If I have faith, then I will give all the result to my God.

i started to make plan A, B, C… in case my toefl is ruined.

but 13 days after the disaster day.. I got the best gift in the whole universe. I wanna dance in the middle of the night at my silence room. and i did dancing. a dance of a victory.

Gosh… 2 days after I saw that numbers, I still can’t hold my breath. I am just too happy…. thank God i’m not giving up…


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