encouraging reply =)

from audencia nantes….. despite the fact that I still had to pay application fee of 100 EUR 😦

Dear Stephanie,

Both your CV and letter are of a very high quality. You do not need to have a GMAt score to apply eventhough it is recommanded and appreciated by our jury members.
Considering what you say in your CV, if you have excellent university records, this should compensate the absence of GMAT.

Now, I really want to encourage you to complete the IMM application before November 15th so that we have enough time to present your file for the scholarship should you be pre-selected.


3 thoughts on “encouraging reply =)

  1. Yep! Got good vibrations. And it’s only some 600 km away.

    (And there is this famous song by Barbara: ‘Il pluit sur Nantes” (= It rains in Nantes – it’s pretty near the Atlantic coast)

  2. @ eka: it’s just regarding the submission, not the scholarship… still thinking about that one 😦

    @ colson: huhuhuhu.. you make me wanna go to Nantes so bad…

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