How i miss him, but i gotta be strong!

apparently the flame already burned down and the magic has begin to fade away.


that magical and adventurous love will be ended. that butterflies in my stomach which always make my day. well, I can do nothing but accepted it and be mature. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any other chemistry. Yes, there’s someone show his outrageous attention to me, but i haven’t find the chemistry between us.

but, well… that first man had already passed me and I will make sure he regret it.

I am too good for him, he doesn’t deserve me.

and I believe I can find someone else way better than him.


2 thoughts on “How i miss him, but i gotta be strong!

  1. ahhaahhahahhaaa… hiks hiks sroot sroot…
    indeed, it’s very sad, colson… actually i am not asking any status to him, since I’m not ready for a serious relationship either.
    for thousand times, i am calling myself as a fool.
    yap, i may smart at other, but i am a foolish in love..

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