owkay… i have made a big turn up point in my dream this week. I am proud of myself!!

1. finished my ADB application and sent it directly to a DHL person which came into my office!

2. finished my total application in 1 day and struggled in an economy train to University of Indonesia!

3. make a decision to take eiffel scholarship, ignoring the risks (the possibility is i had to pay my own tuition fees), and just go forward!

4. having a sudden interview with my marketing director and senior brand manager, regarding my interest to move into marketing! iyeeahh.. and despite all the stupid things i said, i am actually saying lots of great things indeed! so, again… i am proud of myself 🙂

nonetheless… this is not ended yet. my target is to get admitted in sept 2010, in the name of God. amen!


4 thoughts on “agenda

  1. Decisive and smart – yes, things are running smoothly obviously.

    And it’s about time to start rehearsing the French hymn: Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé …

  2. hwaahahahhaa.. so funny!!
    please tell me what’s the meaning of that lyrics???
    uh, well… i’m trying to get in the track, so i can really make my dream comes true… but some people said i’m too serious???

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