christmas is coming and I do hope seeing some snows!

well, maybe not this year… but i promise myself to see some next year…!

Santa Claus is cominnnnggg to tooowwwnn…


3 thoughts on “christmas

  1. Jakarta at 33 degrees Celcius ? On Sunday the 8th ( or Monday the 9th) of November? Yes it is unlikely, but to those endowed and blessed with imagination and guts it’s the right place and the right time for Xmas songs!

    You got me humming “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..”.

    Btw: Nantes and a White Christmas? I guess last time that happened was ’63.

  2. hahahahhaa.. how about grenoble?
    i think grenoble must me filled with snows =)
    I don’t know Colson, i think i’m gonna pass eiffel scholarship, because i don’t know how to cover the tuition fees.
    I should just wait the other… still plenty of opportunities ahead =)

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