aiming for something

I am wondering… is it so difficult to aim for what you want.

Is people care us so deeply until they kept talking about you’re such being an ideal?

Is it that painful to take a good care of your dream?

Is it harming everyone else?

Okay, at this moment… I feel very grateful that i’m alone. it’s not i want to be alone forever, because i don’t. I just think that someday we had to choose between ourself or someone we loved. And now I know why western people loves to be in an open relationship, because they choose themself.

one of my friend said she envy me because i know what i want. and yes, i do. i had a life plan, and even though sometimes shit happens and my plan did not worked out… but i create another plan.

Having no plan in life is such a waste, i think. because life is too precious to be wasted. you can’t just follow where the money flow runs, because in the end you will realize that money is only a media…. it’s not the end objective. of course, you also have to enjoy all the surprises in life… such as indian lamb I ate yesterday =)

well, she just a small amount of people who understood how to want and chase something. while, the other thinks i’m crazy. but, i always said, “we’ll see who will laugh in the end.” they all may laugh on me, but in the end i will laugh on them!

i can’t understand how a person take a tight grip on someone and never let him/ her pursue her dream. like what my boss exactly do. she thinks she can give us enough happiness, so she can retain us. in fact, we all had our own agenda, and it doesn’t mean we’re not loyal. this is about career, dude…

I hate when people critics on the way I pursue my dream. I really do. They are so shallow, they cannot understand the richness of dream. They can only earn money and then wasting it. in the end, they will have nothing….