Trying to grab some sleep, after 13 hours sleeping today… well, sometimes this insomniac thing could be such an annoying…

how can we not to get intrigued with other’s success? if life is a competition, how can we stick on our lane?

After seeing an old friend’s facebook pages, she is currently living in Ohio, marry to a handsome and (looks) success man, listed as student at Ohio State University, and working.

Gosh, how I am so envy her. yes, no matter how I hide my feeling, but deep down inside I envy her.

but, well… get real. Trying to guess someone’s live is happier than us is not a good thing to do. I am only seeing her from what she seen in the pictures, but not her as real. We will never know her burden and her sorrow. And i should not consider life is a competition, because we have our own chosen lane. Do not get teased by someone who teared off their finish line first, because we have choose our very own path.

Huffff… well, my heart is so uncertain now. my mood had crash-over for these past days… and I don’t know what to do. After got the loop and reach my top of rollercoaster, now I’m back at the bottom.

I simply hate my current job, because my imagination of my future job in January is very strong… I have felt the euphoria too early. moreover, the politic get sucks here… I am wishing to pursue my postgrad as soon, so I can leave the dirty politic. I even think to comeback as an lecturer… well, there will always be politic everywhere, even in college. I don’t know.

My lovelife is getting worst… after several weeks being the flower and enjoying those bees…. I just have a bad fought with that selfish megalomaniac man. In the end, I realized that I’m alone, even though I’m trying not to be lonely. yes, if I stick with my option not to get committed to someone… I will always comin’ home alone. Seeing those cute pre-wed pictures at had brings up my imagination. I should ignore and do my best not to get teased…. nonetheless, life has kept it’s best surprises…!

Now may I get a comfort sleep and working as hard as I can tomorrow! I got invoices to settled down early!

5 thoughts on “hmmmmm…..

  1. Well, maybe to get out the roller coaster and start an Alpine expedition to the top of Mount Everest.

    As the saying goes: it is not the destination which counts, but the journey. So it’s important to keep one’s ideals in mind, but the main thing is to be able to set attainable targets and adjust them continually on the way.

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