a note

i feel want to write.

anything in my thought.

or something that i learned for past few years.

after working for more than 2 years in a consumer goods company, i know that supermarket like c4 would get more beneficial trading terms and exclusive promotion, things that would makes me go there frequently. and yeah, based on our government data, they already own more than half of the market share, but a consumer still a consumer. we prefer the cheapest =)

another thing, after having 1 credit card, i feel wicked. for just 3 months, my bills is along the way…. it begins to fly fly fly away high.. until i can’t control it. so, i decide to live without credit card anymore. well…. not for full, because i can’t waste those promotions upon my eyes. but, i will less take that wicked card. or maybe i will just put it in my drawer. i don’t care about the point. i can buy anything on cash… sigh! this is just one.. i can’t have more!!

to talk about love has never been boring. yes, i don’t have many butterflies in my stomach for him, even i still have few. God is nice… He gave what I asked for. I prayed, if he’s a good man for me, please make us closer. but if he isn’t, please help me to forget him (which is had a replacement). and yay….! i think i got one =)

I decide to go merry-go-round with boys, while i having a serious commitment is none of my short-term agenda recently, and it goes fun…. yeah, i need an adjustment to turn a serious and nerdy girl inside myself to be an easy going and fun girl. but i know, this is something precious i ever learned. nothing wrong with being an ambitious girl, but being a grumpy is.

I want to be someone who live the life to the fullest…

being spontaneous yet pursuing my plan in life.

being intellectually charming yet loveable.

being an independent woman yet doesn’t mind to have someone cuddles me.

being a great mother who’s also an incredibly cooking master wife.

he he he…. i know i can’t have it all, but never harm to try =)


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